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Sovereign - Reh. 1995 10" (SS-01)


Image of Sovereign - Reh. 1995 10" (SS-01)

Sovereign have been a strange and unique band in the underground for a long while. With releases marking back all the way to the late nineties, they have developed a surprisingly long discography that has spread as slowly as you would expect of vinyl only releases from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Regardless, Sovereign's style is something that will immediately stand out, and distinguish itself from the many other "black" bands from that region. Their music is vibrant, raw, melodic, and the only thing noticeably "Brazilian" about it is how the sole member, Rudolph, wrangles the guitar strings like he's choking out the last breath of a living animal.

Here, as Seed Stock's first release, we've managed to unearth some of the earliest recordings of the band, and they don't stray from the Sovereign style, nor sound formative for a band in their earliest stage. With these 3 tracks you have all the same feeling and energy that exist on his great debut LP "Under the Influence of Mars" but with a rawer production and more explosive drumkit. This release was put together by Sovereign - it's mastered from the original tapes (it's a vinyl that sounds like an old cassette playing) and has album artwork designed by the band.