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Lugubrum - De Totem 2xLP


Image of Lugubrum - De Totem 2xLP

The best black metal LP from Belgium (in our opinion).

When 'De Totem' was originally released in 1999 it was touted as 'Under a Funeral Moon' - worship by the label (Berzerker), and while it does have similar production style as UAFM, that description does not do justice to the power and originality of this classic album.

'De Totem' is fueled on the same influences as other underground BM bands from Finland or France during that era, and viewed without all the 'weird' trimmings, is simply a perfect document of raw BM from the late 90s. However, Lugubrum are known for their eccentricity, and 'De Totem' showcases this in the best light with their trademark strange folk music twists.

Amazing, memorable riffs, insane vocals, freezing cold raw production, and a banjo breakdown that doesn't seem out of place. This albums got it all...