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Hargne - CD

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Limited to 25 copies, hand screened digipak CD, comes with insert and logo button.

Seed Stock is proud to announce an alliance with Hargne, an original and exciting French Black Metal entity. We have available their first musical offering of 8 songs on a hand screened digi-pak CD limited to 25 copies, made by the band. Seed Stock will soon be issuing a vinyl version of the same recording as "Réaction" LP. 

Musically Hargne exist somewhere between Norwegian style black metal and French street punk, their most immediate points of reference being Berurier Noir(Fra) and 'Belus' era Burzum.

The thing which will stand out most immediately to the listener is the use of a rhythm machine instead of live drums which creates a strong lineage pointing back to the dissenting and feral side of early Berurier Noir or the Mysticum demos. However, the atmosphere and sound is purely Francophone black metal which might also bring to mind Peste Noire or Akitsa.